Sue Walters MSc BA Hons; RMN, RGN HV Cert.

Sue is an organisational development specialist with extensive experience in supporting organisations and teams through transition and change.  She is an Executive Coach and is part of the Meyler Campbell Business Coach Programme; working with Senior Managers needing support to accelerate their leadership capabilities and dealing with complex changes. She is passionate about enabling leaders to understand their roles and responsibility in leading and empowering staff. Sue is also a license holder of Uimprove – a project improvement methodology, bridging the gap between strategy and routine operation.

Sue has a diverse and rich experience of different roles in her career from managing the organisational development and workforce functions in the NHS to clinical roles in nursing, Health Visiting and public health roles. In addition, she has a multiagency background working with homeless people in both local and national positions. She has a particular interest in Children’s Services and has recently been involved in supporting a PCT to implement the Healthy Child Programme and Family Nurse Partnership. Her operational experience is invaluable in her work – she understands all too well the pressures that today’s leaders face from both a theoretical and a personal experience. Sues style has been described as facilitative, results-focused and honest. She is not afraid to challenge in a positive way and to speak the unspoken and has seen significant breakthroughs for teams who are willing to face uncomfortable moments.

Sue also brings a deep knowledge of Health and Social Policy and its impact on people and still has a sense of humour!