Private Shopping Evening

You are Cordially Invited to a ‘Private Shopping Evening’
L.K. Bennett Sloane Square Store
Wednesday October 5th 2011
6.30pm – 9pm

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Charity of the Year 2011-12

Footprints Orphanage in Kenya

Care by Design is delighted to be associated with and adopt as its Charity of the Year Footprints Orphanage, Kenya.

Footprints Orphanage is the vision of an exceptional woman – Kerry Watson. Kerry comes from Burton on Trent, Staffordshire. An employee of Thomson Holidays a couple of years ago Kerry went out to Kenya to volunteer and help at a school in the Shimba Hills (a couple of hours outside Mombasa). While there Kerry witnessed the plight of so many children living on the streets, desperate for food and shelter and deprived of the very basics of life.

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Footprints website:
Donations can be made on line at:

Every System Delivers Exactly the Results it is Designed to Give

A One Day Workshop for Clinical Directors; Senior and Middle Managers; Front Line Clinicians; Commissioners and improvement Consultants Facilitators to support delivery of world class NHS services enabled by world class commissioning.

Tuesday March 23rd 2010; Walton’s Hotel, Nottingham.

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Negotiated Relationships at Work

This workshop offers a unique opportunity for busy professional people to review the key steps to rapidly building (or repairing!) workplace relationships. This is such a practical, common-sense workshop you will be able to study the techniques one day and watch them achieve results for you at work the VERY next day.

Workshop will take place on 5th October 2009 in Nottingham

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Charity of the Year 2009

Malaria Consortium is the world’s leading charity dedicated to the control of malaria. We work to improve and save the lives of some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world. Malaria is both preventable and treatable and is the greatest health challenge facing people in most African countries. Reducing the burden of malaria is crucial to improving lives and presenting people with the opportunity of lifting themselves out of poverty. Our work improves not only the health of an individual, but also national health systems which directly results in poverty relief and is a direct aid to economic prosperity.

We provide comprehensive solutions (diagnosis, treatment and prevention) for malaria control programmes and the main beneficiaries of our programmes are children under the age of five and pregnant women.

Transforming Services needs Transformation of Leadership

To understand the organisational development blueprint necessary to enable successful service transformation. The balanced scorecard of approaches required to successfully manage services and lead successful change.

This interactive workshop is for leaders, service managers at all levels in the NHS and Local Government (commissioners or providers) who want to understand how to deliver successful service transformation.

Monday July 13th 2009 – Nottingham

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Healthcare Cultures

This interactive workshop is for service managers, clinical leaders at all levels who want to understand how to develop their local cultures to enable delivery of the Next Stage Review and excellent patient care.

One-day workshop: Wednesday 25th September.

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Interactive Workshops on Health Economics

Want to do an economic appraisal of your service but don’t know how to begin? Want to commission improved services for patients and increase value for NHS? Tripped up by economic jargon?

One-day workshop: Tuesday 16th September 2008 or Thursday 24th September 2008. (Book early to secure a place on your preferred date.)

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To err is human

That is a fact. This is mainly due the way we process information in our minds. We can only cope with a certain level of information and so to help with this our minds do 1 of three things – Generalise, Distort and Delete. For example:

We grow to know that a chair is a chair despite there being lots of shapes sizes, colours etc. – this is how we generalise, we don’t have to labour in thinking about it.

We sometimes get a bad reaction from something we say to someone and don’t understand why they are offended – this is because they distort the message by reading things into it based on the beliefs and past experiences.

How often have you taken a regular car journey and arrive not having remembered some of it! when we become familiar with a situation or just expect it to be a certain way we delete information and ‘see what we expect to see’ – even if this is not how the situation is.

Imagine all this deleting, generalising and distorting happening in the field of our work? If our work processes are designed for vigilance and accepting to err is human then we can minimise the risk for potential error that may arise then we should not create too many errors. However, if it isn’t then this is a recipe for disaster and is ‘an accident waiting to happen’.

To cope with this human error factor, then we must design our work processes for Reliability.

Getting to Grips with Negotiating

An opportunity to enhance technical knowledge with practical skills

To meet the challenges of the new commissioning agenda, learn and practice the 10 Key Steps of Negotiation used by successful negotiators in all kinds of organisations and in all kinds of situations.

Day 1 – Tuesday September 9th 2008
Day 2 – Wednesday November 12th 2008

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