Introduction to Checklists

Today we find ourselves in possession of stupendous know-how, which we willingly place in the hands of the most highly skilled people. But still avoidable failures are common. The reason is simple: the volume and complexity of our knowledge has exceeded our ability to consistently deliver it correctly, safely or efficiently. There is now, more than ever, a compelling argument for adopting the use of a simple accessible appropriate checklist. In the high tech fast paced service environment a succinct visual ‘checklist’ is proving to be the most promising method available in surmounting failure. Whether you are following a recipe, investing in a company or building a skyscraper, the checklist is an essential tool in virtually every area of our lives, but by breaking down complex, high-pressure tasks into small steps can radically improve everything from airline safety to heart surgery survival rates. The simplest prompt from a relevant appropriate checklist could transform how we operate in almost any field:

Care by Design is a natural home and champion of the drive for simple solutions that empower and facilitate clinicians and practitioners in the field of quality and safety in healthcare. In the course of the practical delivery of its services, Care by Design has engaged with enthusiastic clinicians who have embraced the provision of simple, succinct checklists that work to the benefit of practitioners and patients alike. Care by Design has assisted clinicians to take an idea from concept through design and development to concrete visualisation turning an idea into a real practical support tool to promote and safeguard quality and safety in healthcare.