The Compass for Transformation

The Compass for Transformation is an Organisational Development Framework for Organisations to help them understand where they need to balance their improvement energies to effect true transformation. The Compass represents the need to have a sense of direction – ‘true north’ in respect of healthcare this has to be giving the best patient experience at the greatest value for money. The Compass has been designed by Angie Nisbet and is based on years of learning from the best in the organisational development world and application in practice of service transformation support. The four main areas of the Compass are based on the work of W.E. Deming and his System of Profound Knowledge. We need more than ever to take a greater systemic view of how care and treatment is delivered; how it adds value for patients and not storing up more trouble to be discovered later on through a emergency admission to secondary care.

The Compass acknowledges the need to balance managing the flow of care (clinical and non clinical processes and the measurement of performance) with allowing innovation through learning and exploration, coaching and empowering front line staff to lead the improvements required. The PDSA cycle is at the heart of recording the improvement journey and testing real situational improvement ideas.

Across the middle of the Compass is an acknowledgement of the importance of managing relationships; allowing real time to think so that ideas flow; embracing our diversity including in thinking and learning with open, respectful communication.

Care by Design Associates use this model to help in designing appropriate development programmes with organisations, teams and individuals; in all improvement work undertaken on a project basis and in all interim roles.

Please let us have your thoughts on this model and if you want to know more about development on offer or possible availability of Associates for interim work, especially for managing transition and pathway design to prevent admission and readmission to hospital.