Post Francis Enquiry and Report can we now lead the NHS to the Future of Positive Patient Partnership?

I haven’t read the full Francis report in all its volumes. For me the fact that so much harm was done to so many and the impact not only for them but for their loved ones left with the memories of what happened is enough for me to know things have to change.

We (The NHS) know what we need to do… we have known for years. The problem is that we do not implement it. We do not have the right leaders in key management positions (with some exceptions) who understand the complex system that health (and social care) are… complex systems where there are different parts all interdependent to deliver a whole service. Over the years (since 1999) more and more layers of bureaucracy have been added; breaking up organisations and moving the same people around to make new ones with more layers of management and death by committee required to get anything done.

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The Rising Need for Social Care Support for Older People

The Rising Need for Social Care Support for Older People and the decline in funding for Social Care will mean that more and more people will have to look to fund their own care and if they own savings and a property; they need to be better informed of their options. Planning ahead for this rather than acting in crisis is critical to avoid paying more than necessary; getting a poor deal and poor quality experience and care in the later years of life.

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Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink...

Especially it seems for the people in our hospitals and even worse our older people at home. I have worried for some time that we are not hydrating people properly in hospital and not making the connection between recurring Urinary Tract Infections and hydration. Hydration is a basic need and should be as properly monitored as medicine rounds. There needs to be a big campaign to deal with “staying well during infections” and how the community can play a role with driving better hydration.

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Patient Experience Now a Key Performance Measure for Acute Hospitals

The NHS Performance Framework now places great emphasis on measuring patient experience. The measure of patient experience sadly only applies to Acute Trusts and Mental Health Trusts. If one of these Trusts is failing on patient experience then it can only be ranked overall ‘performance under review’.

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Everything Changes Yet Everything Stays The Same

I speak to wonderful clinicians every day who are trying to make a difference and not appreciated by their organisations who focus on management through meetings and committee and rules that stifle innovation. The NHS has the power to be very great in deed if only top management would focus on doing the right things rather that the wrong things righter. 

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