Tools & Techniques

An easy guide to popular tools and techniques for service improvement

For many years people all over the world have been using various tools and techniques to help them to improve their organisations, to improve their performance, to reduce costs, and to solve problems. These tools and techniques are designed to help us think clearly and help to ensure that problems get solved in the shortest possible time, with the minimum of resource and effort, and that problems stay solved permanently.

Tools and techniques are at their most powerful when they are used in support of an overall service improvement framework. A good framework usually highlights many problems in our current systems and processes, and a good set of tools and techniques will address these problems in the most effective way.

We have therefore placed our description of tools and techniques in the context of the overall improvement framework. First, we describe the whole service improvement journey, and at each step of the journey we provide pointers to the tools and techniques that can help you there.

The chart below is an overview of the improvement framework. Click on the available link to take you to the next page.

Clarify true purpose and value
Identify and measure true demand
Identify and measure capacity & true capability
Map the existing process
Remove waste from the process
Make the work flow
Let the patients set the drumbeat
Draw the new process map
Implement the new process
Continually aim to improve the process
Choose another service to improve!

Many, many thanks to Dave Young for his invaluable help in putting these tools together in an easy to follow web format.

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