New Parks Health Centre

I would like to provide feedback for the session that was facilitated on Tuesday 10th of June 2008 on Complexity.

The session was excellent and I speak for all the sessions that I have attended so far including the sessions for the Single Point of Access (SPA). They are pitched at the correct level and are easy to understand and relate to; this in turn makes the sessions interesting and ensures concentration and digestion of information.

I have learnt a great deal from the sessions and being new to my role I have found them of great benefit. I do find you very inspirational and for me personally will digest information when I see credibility and personal experience in the teacher.

I feel it would be beneficial for you to run this programme throughout the services and certainly feel it would be of great benefit to the organisation for you to be involved in setting up the vision.

I am cascading this knowledge throughout my teams and require them to recite the LEAN principles on arrival to work (only joking!).

Kerry O’Reardon
Team Leader